NISH FR 100 is highly specialised water based fire retardant paint, confirming to International Standard.It can be used alone as protective or decorative top coat to provide fire proof surface.These paints are offered in variety of colors and are widely used in different industrial, commercial and domestic areas.Fire-retardant coatings help to prevent the spread of fire and to protect the structure from permanent damage.

Application Areas

  • Structural steel.
  • Load bearing walls/Columns.
  • Electrical Cabins/ Cable tray.
  • Kitchens, Interior Walls, Staircase, Lift room.
  • Doors/ windows.
  • Concrete Columns.
  • Computer/Server rooms.
  • Automobile, textile, Paper, Chemical industries.
  • Junction box/ Switch board.
  • Concealed wood work.
  • Frame, above False sealing.
  • Wooden furniture‚Äôs/ panels /partitions.


  • Excellent stability
  • Alkaline resistance
  • Solvent less

Potential Benefits:

Does not allow heat conductivity in metal& Excellent Anticorrosive property

Even after prolonged exposure to a fire, FR 100 coating is not destroyed and continues to Shield the wood substrate thereby reducing the spread of fire. (Technically coating melt below flaming temperature and then re-solidifying in to crystalline form of carbon char that act as barrier between paper board surface and the flame)

The applied ANGH FR 100 paint does not allow the spread of fire &Reduced tendency to dirt pick up, Resistant to fungus & micro- organism growth

Guards the cables / wire from fire and further causing hazard due to electricity mishap, ANGH FR 100 also enhance life of cables/wires.