• 100% Silicone water Repellent based on Silicone multifunctional Polymer.
  • Yields Micro emulsion on dilution with water.
  • ANGH WR 100 provides excellent water repellency within 48 Hours of Application.
  • Protects Surfaces from damage caused by water intrusion, seepage, Chloride Ion Intrusion, cracking caused by freeze/thaw cycles, efflorescence, lime run.

Application Areas

  • Capillarly treatment for concrete protection.
  • Primer for emulsion paint and plasters.
  • Brick, Stone & all porous masonry substrate.

Potential Benefits:

  • Capillary treatment to maintain breathability
  • Water thinnable, environmentally compatible
  • Resistant to air bone pollutants
  • Highly permeable to CO2, water Vapor
  • Not a breeding ground to Fungi, Algae and Mosses
  • Highly resistant to Alkalies and Salt Water
  • No Solvent required for Dilution
  • Maintain Paint ability, Work Ability